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CRB Check - Our Advice to Petsitters
Do it yourself. It is simple. It costs £25

Do it yourself

Do I need a CRB Check ?

How do I get a CRB Check ?

What does a CRB Check contain ?

What information do I need to provide ?

More information on CRB Checks ?

  • Do it yourself

    Do it yourself

    It is simple

    It costs £25

    Don’t let a registered and umbrella body do it for you
    You have to provide the same information and pay more
    They will charge you £43 to £60 – when the real cost is only £25
    And they make errors (the current error rate across all registered and umbrella bodies is 7%)

  • Do I need a CRB Check ?

    If you visit client’s homes, you may need a Basic Disclosure CRB check

    It is not necessary if you are looking after other people’s pets in your own home

  • How do I get a CRB Check ?
  • What does a CRB Check contain ?
Basic Disclosure will contain details of any “unspent” convictions or will state that there are no such convictions. 
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