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Petsitters Alliance Forms

Petsitters Alliance Forms you may need

What forms do you need, and where do you get them?

  • As a new petsitter, our best advice is to do the absolute minimum of paperwork.
    Your first job is to get customers, look after a few pets, and add paperwork if and when you need it

    When your business is running, you will need to keep records of your clients and their pets and the money
    There are lots of examples on the web that you can copy
    Members of Petsitters Alliance can adapt the forms we use -- just email or phone and ask

    ◊ Client Registration Form
    ◊ Dog Registration Form
    ◊ Cat Registration Form
    ◊ Small Animal Registration Form
    ◊ Booking Record
    ◊ Telephone Notebook
    ◊ Planner and Diary
    ◊ Client Agreement (See Note)
    ◊ Invoice
    ◊ Rate Card
    ◊ Notebook (to keep notes, including medical notes, on dogs you walk or pets you look after so you can give good feedback to your clients)

    ◊ Petsitter Registration Form (if you send pets to other people)

    And very importantly
    ◊ Accounts - you will need to consult your book-keeper for the best way to keep records of your income and expenditure

    Last words on forms....

    Create any additional forms you need when you need them.
    Do not waste time creating forms that you may never use
    Concentrate on finding customers.

    The two essential publicity items are a business card and a website
    We find Vistaprint provide an excellent design and print service for business cards and flyers at reasonable cost
    We may be able to help you with a website - please phone or email to ask

    NOTE: We are happy for members to copy the Client Agreement we use, but it is provided "as is" with no legal guarantees.
    You use it at your own risk
    If you wish to ensure it covers everything your business requires, you must check with a solicitor, and make any necessary changes

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