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Petsitters Alliance - How to get started

How to get started as a petsitter

Just do it!

Look after dogs from relatives or friends when they go on holiday
Walk neighbours dogs

You will soon find out if you like it, and your limits

Remember some pets can be more challenging than others........

If this works out, sign up with a Petsitting Agency, such as Petsitters Alliance  or Petsitters
Or do your own publicity - print some flyers or cards. Give them out in the local park, to local vets, and local shops
Or do both.

If this works out, look into becoming self employed, keeping records, and so on….


the next steps

forms you may need


CRB check

Just do it Advice adapted from Mike Southon's column in the Financial Times

Not all dogs are easy
Some pets are more challenging than others........
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