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Petsitters Alliance - Extra Bookings
Petsitters Alliance Membership includes sending you new clients in your area
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Extra Bookings for Pet Sitters

  • We now have a separate website for pet owners -
  • We take and pass on bookings from and to all areas of the country
  • We have a preliminary phone chat with new clients to be sure the pet is suitable for boarding.
  • If all is OK, we give them a password to download a booking form. This takes full details of the client & pet, pet behaviour, vet, emergency contact, etc.
  • We check the form, and pass on the booking to our nearest suitable member


  • As an independent petsitter, you will have your own scale of charges.
  • We add a 20% Petsitters Alliance Agency fee.
  • The client sends us the Agency fee as a deposit before we confirm the booking. 
  • We ask the client to pay your fee on arrival with their pet or pets.
  • You may of course ignore our advice, and choose to charge the client at the end of the booking – but if the client doesn’t pay for any reason there is little that you will be able to do about it.

Repeat Bookings

  • When we find you a client, we expect (it is part of our Terms and Conditions) that the client will make repeat bookings through the Agency.
  • We add a 10% Agency fee for repeat bookings.
  • As with first bookings, the client sends us the Agency fee as a deposit before we confirm the booking. 

Booking Exchange


  • We monitor the performance of all petsitters in two ways:
    • client feedback and satisfaction
    • proportion of repeat bookings
  • You will start with a score of 5.
    • positive feedback will increase your score
    • negative feedback will decrease your score
    • a high proportion of repeat bookings will increase your score
    • a low proportion of repeat bookings will decrease your score
  • The chances that we will choose you for a client will be increased by a high score, and decreased by a low score.
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