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Petsitters Alliance Seal of Approval

& Other Benefits

Another Petsitters Alliance Membership Benefit

Petsitters Alliance Seal of Approval


The Seal of Approval

  • To gain the Seal of Approval, you will need to be a full member of Petsitters Alliance. We will have accepted your details, history, references, and photographs. You will be insured for Public Liability and any misfortune you have with pets in your care
  • The Seal of Approval should be placed on your website, notepaper, business cards, and other adverts
  • This distinguishes you from the uninsured and the unprofessional -- don't forget to draw it to the attention of clients, vets, and others that may help you

Your Website

  • We will email your Seal of Approval, with code, to put on your website.
  • Your clients may confirm your membership with us, and even ask for references¬†
  • We monitor your performance as far as we can to help us provide references, and send you extra bookings

More on how we monitor your performance

Other Benefits

CRB Check


  • If asked, we will provide a reference for you, saying
    • that we have carefully vetted your application
    • how long you have been a member
    • that we have received references --- it is always a good idea to copy to us any new references or comments from your clients
    • that we have not received any complaints about you

Help with Starting a Petsitting business

  • How to set about it
  • Forms you will need


Petsitters Alliance Seal of Approval
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