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Booking Exchange
Receive extra bookings... Be paid for bookings you send us...
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Receive Extra Bookings

Slack times?
Members of Petsitters Alliance receive offers to look after pets that have been passed to us by other members, who may be too busy, on holiday, or otherwise occupied.

How much am I paid for a Petsitters Alliance booking?
We try to pay your normal rate. We ask the client to pay your rate, plus a small fee to the member that sent us the booking, and a small fee to our sister agency ( for taking the details and arranging the booking.
Have a look at our FAQ for some examples.

Be paid for bookings you send us

On holiday? Already booked? or ill?
Refer the client to Petsitters Alliance. We will pay you a small fee for every day of each booking. "Every little helps" and of course, it soon adds up!
Have a look at our FAQ for some examples.

    Note: If you already have insurance (or your current policy has a long time to run) you can join Petsitters Alliance Booking Exchange for free
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